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Church incense grains with an olibanum base. Poids net : 50g
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Church Incense 50g

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Church incense. A blend of Eritrean Boswellia papyrifera frankincense resin, coloured grains, lavender flowers, etc. Net weight: 50g

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Church incense made from frankincense


Church incense is mainly produced from Boswellia resin (the incense tree). In this case it is Boswellia papyrifera from Eritrea or Ethiopia (and sometimes Sudan).

The resin is sorted, coloured and sometimes perfumed with essential oils. The mixtures are then compounded, and wood or flower extracts are usually added.


Scientific Name: Boswellia papyrifera
Part of plant used: resin
Country of Origin: Eritrea or Ethiopia (resin)
Net weight: 50 grams

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