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Benjoin de Sumatra

Reference -339

Sumatran benzoin or Styrax benzoin resin. Pieces or powder. Notes of cinnamon. Effective purification of the premises. Sachet of 40 or 50 grams.

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Benzoin from Sumatra or Styrax Benzoin resin


Sumatran benzoin, mainly from Indonesia, is an effective resin for purification, and can replace white sage if you run out of the latter.


Unlike white sage, which often burns alone, Sumatran benzoin produces a very strong odour on the charcoal pellet, so it is best used only in combination with another gum resin. Olibanum resin is perfect for preparing this type of mixture and then effectively purifying a room. A base of 90% frankincense to 10% Sumatran benzoin resin seems to be a good ratio, but again, when it comes to fumigations, let your instincts guide you and learn from your experiences to refine your mixtures.


Sumatran Benzoin is less yellow in colour than Siamese Benzoin and has a cinnamon-like scent.

Available in powder (50g) or in pieces (40g)


Scientific Name: Styrax Benzoin
Part of plant used: Dried resin
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Net weight: Pieces: 40g and powder: 50g

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