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Ispalla Palo Santo Incense Tablets


Incense tablets made from Palo Santo wood, handcrafted in Peru. Palo Santo alone or with a rose fragrance. Each box contains 8 tablets. Burning time approx. 25 minutes.

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Ispalla Incense tablets with Palo Santo from Peru

Natural incense produced in Peru from legally and sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood.

Energia - Palo Santo

Fill up on energy with the aroma of Palo Santo, a sacred Andean incense that renews your energy and attracts positive vibrations into your life. It motivates the mind, body and soul, inspires the emotions and helps focus good intentions. It purifies energy, clears the mind and focuses good thoughts.

Ingredients: palo santo powder, palo santo resin, distilled water.

Romance - Palo Santo and Rose
Renew your energy and feelings with the sensual essence of Roses and Palo Santo, an aphrodisiac blend to purify energy and attract the vibrations of love into your aura. Connect with your emotions and stimulate your senses. Relaxes the body, eliminates negativity and attracts compassion and love.

Ingredients: palo santo powder, palo santo resin, rose essential oil, distilled water.

Each box contains 8 tablets with a burn time of approximately 25 minutes.

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