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Japanese incense
Japanese incense

Incense from Japan

Japan is a major producer of incense. While each Japanese brand has its own particular style, due to the different use of the main ingredients (sandalwood, agarwood, herbs, resins or spices), what all these producers have in common is the very high quality of their products.

Indeed, in no other country (with the possible exception of Korea and certain traditional Chinese manufacturers) has the art of making incense sticks been pushed to such perfection. The care taken in the choice of raw materials, the manufacture of the sticks, the design of the packaging, each more beautiful than the last, right through to packaging and dispatch. Everything is done with the greatest respect for tradition, the product and the end customer.

Here you'll find incense from producers such as Baieido, Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Kunjudo, Tennendo, etc.