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Mexican White Copal 25g


Mexican white copal. Genuine Protium copal resin. Natural incense used to purify the energy of spaces, people and objects.

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White Copal from Mexico


Copal has an ancient history and many uses. Copal incense is a useful resin for creating a calm living space free of tension. In Mexico, copal is usually burned during the annual Day of the Dead celebrations to help souls find their way home.


White copal resin (and very similar black copal) is a completely natural incense used to purify the energy of places, people or objects. It has a subtle resinous scent that might remind one of pine or turpentine. One of the best uses of copal is to burn it on charcoal tablets to remove all negative energy and bring about positive changes.


Copal incense is a great energy tool to use in your meditations. It is linked to the crown chakra, deepening your awareness and encouraging pure thoughts during meditation. Copal also helps to strengthen the auric body by removing any energy blockages. It is particularly useful in times of stress or even to relieve feelings of depression, as it helps you to change your state of mind.


Caution: Mexican white copal, the resin of a plant in the Burseraceae family, is rare and expensive. Some dealers deliberately confuse this expensive resin with copal from Indonesia and the Philippines, more commonly known as Manila copal (or Agathis dammara), which is readily available and much cheaper.


Scientific name: Protium copal
Part of plant used: Dried resin
Country of origin : Mexico
Net weight: 25 grams

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Société des Avis Garantis
- Review added the Monday 04 March 2024 by Lina R
- Review added the Tuesday 25 October 2022 by Jean J
Résine de copal jaune et collante à l'odeur caractéristique. Très bon produit véritable. Achet... (Read more)
- Review added the Wednesday 13 May 2020 by Paul RRRR
Du vrai bon copal du Mexique. Bien collant avec cette forte odeur de résine qui me rappelle mon pè... (Read more)
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