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Indian Frankincense Resins


Olibanum from India. Different resins of Boswellia serrata, the Indian incense. A slightly different fragrance but a resin also widely used in perfumery.

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Indian Frankincense Resin

India is a major producer of frankincense as well. The variety produced in the subcontinent is called Boswellia serrata. There are different varieties.

Its scent is less resinous and does not have the citrus notes of Omani olibanum or Boswellia carterii from Somalia, but it is an olibanum worth discovering.

It is found as an essential oil and its resin is widely exported. It is used for example in the perfume industry.

You will find on our site the olibanum in small grains, in powder form, as well as a higher quality called Shallaki.

Net weight: 50g

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