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Aden Frankincense. 40g of Boswellia Carteri resin from Somalia or high quality.
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Aden Frankincense First Choice 40g

Reference -1396

Olibanum of Aden. Boswellia carterii resin of superior quality. Very clean grains, medium size, a beautiful light color and a fragrance with resinous and citrus notes.

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Superior Quality Aden Frankincense Resin


Aden frankincense, like Oman frankincense, produces a very pleasant smell when fumigated. These are the most prized incense grains.


This incense from Somalia, called Olibanum of Aden (its historical export port) is of superior quality. Its fragrance is typical, with lemony notes. Nice, clean, medium to large pieces.


Botanical name : Boswellia carterii
Part of plant used: Dried resin
Country of Origin: Somalia
Packaging: 40 grams pouch

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