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Charcoal tablets for fumigation and hookah. Diameter 33mm
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Charcoal Tablets 3.3 cm

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Best Charcoal tablets with a diameter of 33 mm. A roll of 10 pellets. For the fumigation of resins and incense grains. Easy to light and safe to use.

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Top Quality Charcoal Tablets  - Roll of 10 pieces (33mm)


Best brand charcoal pellets with a standard diameter of 3.3 cm. These premium quality charcoal pellets are very easy to light and burn very evenly, without any risk of spitting embers and therefore in complete safety.
Ideal for fumigation rituals but also perfect for smoking shisha.


Instructions for use:
Prepare a censer (metal or a smoking bowl filled with sand) and light the charcoal tablet (preferably by holding it with a charcoal tongs). Once lit, place the charcoal pellet on the grate of the censer or on the sand in your smoking bowl.
Please note that charcoal pellets give off smoke when lit (for about 30 seconds) so feel free to go out onto your terrace or balcony while lighting.

If possible, always wait a few minutes before putting the resins or plants to be burned on the charcoal so that it is less hot. Indeed, if the fumigation will work very well with a very hot pellet, the olfactory qualities of the products (especially the frankincense resin) will be preserved with the use of a less hot charcoal tablet.
The tablets burn for about 30 to 40 minutes. The last few minutes are the best...


Our Best 33mm charcoal tablets are sold in rolls of 10 pieces.

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- Review added the Thursday 06 June 2024 by Francoise G
Très bonne qualite
Société des Avis Garantis
- Review added the Friday 31 May 2024 by Sebastian H
Tip top,gerne wieder
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- Review added the Friday 22 March 2024 by Stéphanie D
Très bien
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