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» What is Yerba Santa

What is Yerba Santa

Saturday 09 September 2017

Yerba Santa or Eriodictyon Californicum

The fumigation of Yerba Santa helps to open the mind, to concentrate and to inspire. It is also used to purify places, often in combination with white sage. Bundles of a mixture of white sage and yerba santa exist for this combined use.
Yerba santa is also said to help free oneself from deep-seated negative tensions: anxiety, anguish, melancholy, depression, etc.
A plant native to the arid areas of the west coast of the United States, from Oregon to northern Mexico, via California.
Used for centuries as a medicinal plant by many tribes in these regions. It was later renamed Yerba Santa by the Spanish settlers. Other names for Yerba Santa (Spanish for 'sacred herb') include Bear Weed, Mountain Weed, etc.
The dark green, long and narrow leaves (10-15 cm) turn brown after drying. They are often covered with a kind of resinous substance and therefore sometimes keep a shiny surface after drying.