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» » California White Sage Large Bundle 22 cm
California white sage Large bundle of 22cm, high quality.
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California White Sage Large Bundle 22 cm

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California white sage, large bundle of 22 cm (approx. 80g). High quality bundle. For your purification fumigations.

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White Sage Large Bundle 22 cm


Large bundle of genuine white sage or Salvia apiana from California, of superior quality and an average weight of 80 grams (70 to 90g depending on arrivals).


These white sage bundles are very easy to use, just hold them by the end (stem side) and light the opposite end. Blow on them if necessary and then move around the room to be purified.
When you have finished fumigating, put the bundle in a bowl and let it go out. You can use it again for another session.


These large 22 cm bundles are suitable for purifying large volumes.

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