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Kunjudo Japanese Incense

A company producing quality incense sticks and scented papers, based on the island of Awaji in central Japan. This island is known as the cradle of incense in Japan. It would seem that it was on a beach on this island that a trunk of agarwood (jinkoh) washed up one day in the 5th century AD. The island's inhabitants were fascinated by the sweet smell it gave off when they burnt it...

Agarwood has been the most prized raw material for Japanese masters for centuries. The tradition of incense, which originally came from Central Asia, via India and China, arrived in Japan thanks to Buddhism. Japan is certainly the country that has pushed perfection and refinement in incense the furthest over the centuries. Companies like Kunjudo, Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Tennendo, etc. are all worthy representatives of what has become an art in the land of the rising sun...

Kunjudo has been in existence since 1893, so it is almost a 'young' company in the sector (compared with Baieido, which is almost 400 years old). It also aims to develop new, increasingly environmentally-friendly products, using coconut charcoal powder for example.

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