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Palo Santo from Peru 25g

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25g of Palo Santo or Bursera graveolens from Peru. Small scented wood logs to burn. To clean and purify the interior of the house.

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Pieces of Palo Santo from Peru


Palo Santo or Bursera graveolens from Peru. Palo Santo means "sacred stick" in Spanish.


Small pieces of wood, very practical to use. Simply light the end of a piece, let the flame ignite it and then blow it out so that the smoke is released. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.


Please note that for practical reasons the logs are often shorter or thinner in the 25g bags, larger in the 100g bags.


Latin name: Lignum bursera graveolens
Origin: Peru
Net weight: 25 grams

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Reviews about this Palo Santo from Peru 25g (2 reviews)

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- Review added the Wednesday 13 December 2023 by Roxanna M
Je n'ai pas encore utilisé le produit mais sa grandeur est parfaite !
- Review added the Tuesday 25 October 2022 by Jean J
Je connais depuis des années. Bâtons de taille pratique. Je me souviens du palo santo il y a vingt... (Read more)
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