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Somali myrrh powder or Commiphora Myrrha resin. Combines very well in fumigation with olibanum or benzoin
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Somali Myrrh Powder 50g

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Myrrh resin powder or Commiphora myrrha from Somalia. One of the most widely used resins in fumigation and has been used since ancient times.

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Myrrh Resin Powder or Commiphora Myrrha


Myrrh is one of the most popular resins in the world. It originates from Arabia and the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan...).

This Somali myrrh powder differs from the higher quality resin in the size of the grain. In this form it can be used in mixtures and also in the manufacture of cones or sticks for handmade incense.


In addition to its use in fumigation, it has been widely used in pharmacy (antiseptic properties for example) and perfumery since the dawn of time.


According to Christian tradition, it is also the resin that was offered, along with incense and gold, by the Three Wise Men to the infant Jesus (more precisely by Balthazar, Gaspard offering the incense and Melchior the gold).


When fumigated, it has a pleasant, warm, resinous smell, but with vaguely "rubbery" notes. Myrrh blends well with olibanum and many other resins.


Scientific name: Commiphora myrrha or Commiphora molmol
Part of plant used: dried resin
Country of origin: Somalia
Synonyms: African myrrh, Myrrh, Common myrrh
Net weight: 50 grams

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