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Chios Mastic 25g

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Mastic resin of exceptional quality, harvested from the Pistacia lentiscus trees of the island of Chios, located in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Net weight: 25g

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Mastic - Pistacia Lentiscus - Tears of Chios

This very precious resin is certainly the most expensive of all. It is harvested from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, the mastic tree. Although this resin is found in several regions around the Mediterranean, it is particularly in Greece, on the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, that its production has a long tradition.

The exceptional quality of Chios Mastic is praised in writings dating back almost 2,000 years. The cultivation and harvesting of this precious mastic resin has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage.


Each tree produces no more than about 5 kg of resin per summer season. The best qualities, such as these mastic tears or beads, are still often sorted by hand.

Chios Mastic (Chios Mastiha or Μαστίχα Χίου in Greek) is used to flavour spirits (Mastika), in baking, as chewing gum, added to some varnishes, etc.

When fumigated, it gives off a fresh, lemony, slightly balsamic scent. Mastic is said to increase intuition and psychic abilities. It is also burned to promote visions or in invocation rituals.

Our Mastic (or Tears of Chios) is of the highest quality. Perfect round, clear and translucent tears, practically free of impurities. Of course, it is also an edible resin.

Scientific name: Pistacia lentiscus
Part of plant used: Dried resin
Country of origin : Greece
Packaging: 25-gram plastic bag

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Reviews about this Chios Mastic 25g (2 reviews)

Société des Avis Garantis
- Review added the Thursday 25 January 2024 by Marie-jo F
très bon
Société des Avis Garantis
- Review added the Wednesday 10 January 2024 by Álvaro
No esperaba que viniese en bolsas de plástico sin ningún tipo de caja o paquete
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