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» Special 10% discount until 30 April 2024

Special 10% discount until 30 April 2024

Friday 19 April 2024

A newsletter has been sent out to subscribers today to introduce the main products added to the site. A number of Japanese incense products have been added, from producers such as Kunjudo, Tennendo, Gyokushodo, Daihatsu, Seikado, Kunmeido and Koukando. Don't hesitate to visit the various Japanese incense sections to discover them.
Among these products you'll find the famous Washi Incense, incense in the form of traditional scented paper that burns like incense sticks. It's a kind of Japanese Papier d'Arménie.

If you place an order before midnight on 30 April, don't forget to validate your -10% discount coupon by entering the code PROMO-4-2024 before validating your basket.

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