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Indian Red Sandalwood 40g


Chips and powder of Indian red sandalwood Pterocarpus santalinus. Add this naturally red wood to your burning mixtures. The powder can be used to make cones or sticks.

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Indian Red Sandalwood


Chips and fine powder of red sandalwood Pterocarpus santalinus from India. This wood is widely used in burning resin mixtures and church incense. It is also widely used in Tibetan, Nepalese and Bhutanese incense.


Red sandalwood should not be confused with white sandalwood Santalum album, also native to India (but also Australia and Indonesia), which has a sweet, sensual scent.

Botanical name : Pterocarpus santalinus
Part of plant used : Wood
Country of origin : India
Packaging : 40-gram sachet

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