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Frankincense Oman Royal Hojari - Incense Boswellia sacra of superior quality 20g
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Frankincense Oman Royal Hojari

Reference -1687

Oliban Oman Royal Hojari. The most prized Boswellia sacra incense resin. A subtle, resinous fragrance with typical citrus notes. A light colour, often tending towards green.

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Frankincense Oman Royal Hojari


Olibanum from Oman Royal Hojari is the resin of the Boswellia sacra incense tree. It is the most highly prized incense resin. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.


This incense from the Sultanate of Oman, in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, is harvested in the Dhofar desert. It is a superior quality resin. Its wonderful fragrance is typical, very resinous, with lemony notes.


Beautiful, clean, light-coloured pieces of medium but variable size. As is often the case, Royal Hojari Omani frankincense has a slightly greenish tinge. This typical colour fades or even disappears over time.


Scientific name: Boswellia sacra
Part of plant used: Dried resin
Country of Origin: Sultanate of Oman
Packaging: Sachet of 20 grams

Important note:
Like all frankincense resins, this one develops all its fragrance when placed on a thin charcoal tablet, which is less hot. Do not place such a resin on a charcoal tablet that has just been lit and is therefore much too hot, as this would alter the fragrance by adding notes of scorching.

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