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Dried leaves of White Sage Salvia Apiana from California. Bag of 25g
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White Sage Leaves 25g

Reference -1134-F

Dried California white sage leaves. Very practical to use, leaf by leaf or combined with other plants. 25g bag

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California White Sage Leaves


Dried white sage leaves. Easy to burn, leaf by leaf, to simply perfume a small room without overpowering it with smoke or to create blends by combining them with other plants, for real fumigation sessions.

These sage leaves are often whole but a batch always contains a few broken leaves, in small quantities, but never branches or other unwanted substances.

Origin of the plant : California, USA

Zoological Name: Salvia apiana

Net weight: 25 grams


Please note that white sage is primarily a powerful purifier, but for sessions that require a large amount of smoke it is best to use the Large 22 cm California white sage bundles that allow for large volumes of purification.

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