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Yerba Santa or Eriodictyon californicum, medium stick of about 14cm and 60 grams.
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Yerba Santa Medium Smudge 14cm

Reference -1391

Yerba santa or Eriodictyon californicum is a handy medium-sized bundle weighing about 40-50g and about 14 cm long. Can be used several times.

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Yerba Santa Medium Stick 14cm


Yerba Santa, Eriodictyon californicum, a plant native to California, Arizona, Oregon and northern Mexico.


This sacred plant has been used since the dawn of time for its medicinal properties. In fumigation, it is used in healing rituals. It is said to be able to neutralise negative forces that cause illness and to help release negative tensions that are strongly held within us.


These medium sticks are easy to use as you simply light the end and then move around the room or objects to be cleansed. When you have finished your ritual, put the stick in a bowl and let it go out. You can use it for another session if it has not burnt out completely.


Country of Origin: California, USA
Zoological Name: Eriodictyon californicum
Approximate weight: 60 to 70g
Dimensions: Approx. 14 cm and 4 cm in diameter

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