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Yerba santa in bulk, Eriodictyon californicum, bag of 40g
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Yerba Santa Crushed Leaves 40g

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Yerba Santa or Eriodictyon californicum here in the form of dried and crushed leaves, ideal for fumigation on charcoal tablets. Pouches of 40g

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Yerba Santa Dried Leaves 40g


Yerba Santa or Eriodictyon californicum. Traditionally used to enhance psychic abilities, magical protection, healing and spiritual strength. Perfect for meditation or divination.


In the form of dried and crushed leaves, Yerba Santa is burned on charcoal tablets and can be easily added to other substances (white sage, mugwort, etc.) to make your own personal mixtures.


Country of origin: Mexico or USA, depending on availability.
Scientific Name: Eriodictyon californicum
Net weight: 40g

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