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Stone fumigation bowl, green colour, to be used with charcoal tablets and sand. Diam. 10cm
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Smudging Bowl Green Colour 10 cm

Reference -SAN-15-012

Stone bowl for fumigations, green colour, to be used with sand and charcoal pellets. Diameter 10 cm.

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Stone Bowl for Fumigations, Green Colour, 10 cm


Small stone bowls for fumigations with burning charcoal pellets.


These stone censers should be filled with sand. Do not place the lit charcoal directly on the bottom of the bowl, as it will become hot and may break under the effect of the heat.


Instructions for use:
Prepare the bowl by filling it with fine sand, light a charcoal pellet and place it on the sand, pressing it down slightly. Always wait a few minutes before placing the resins or plants to be burned on the charcoal so that it is less hot. Indeed, if the fumigation will work very well with a very hot tablet, the olfactory qualities of the products (especially the frankincense resin) will be preserved with the use of a less hot charcoal tablet. The tablets burn for about 30 to 40 minutes. The last few minutes are the best...
Please note that even with the use of sand the bowl will become very hot. Place the bowl preferably on a wooden board (e.g. a coaster or corkboard) or on a small plate if you want to move it around to different rooms.
Last tip: don't hesitate to light your pellets on the balcony or terrace so that the smoke that is released when lighting stays outside...


Dimensions of the cup:
Approx. 10 cm diameter and 3.5 cm height. Net weight approx. 310g

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- Review added the Tuesday 08 November 2022 by Daria V
Je l'avais imaginée d'un diamètre plus grand.
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