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Ispalla Incense with Palo Santo


Incense based on Palo Santo, handcrafted in Peru. Available with or without added plants and resins. Boxes of 10 sticks.

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Ispalla Incense Sticks with Palo Santo from Peru

Genuine incense sticks produced in Peru, made from Palo Santo wood harvested in a sustainable way. Indeed, only Palo Santo from dead trees or from branches and pieces harvested from the ground allows the preservation of this tree variety renowned for its natural fragrance.


In addition to the pure Palo Santo sticks, several types of incense sticks are produced by this small family business. You will find, still based on the same wood, mixtures with rosemary or rue (Arruda) and others with added natural resins such as myrrh or copal.


Each square box contains 10 sticks, the burning time is about 30 minutes.

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