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Ceven'Arômes Backflow Cones


Backflow incense cones scented with organic essential oils. Superior quality incense produced in France. Each pack contains 10 cones.

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Ceven-Arômes Backflow Cones

Quality cones, produced in France and scented with organic essential oils. These cones are drilled and can therefore also be used on diffusers with backflow cones. This method allows the smoke to travel downwards and 'flow' like a liquid.

If you don't have this type of support, you can burn these cones like any conventional cone, on a saucer, in an ashtray, on sand, etc.

Scents available: lavender, geranium-citronella, cedar, cinnamon-orange, eucalyptus, pine, verbena, sandalwood-rosewood, patchouli.

Each pouch contains 10 cones produced in France.

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