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Nepalese Rope Incense


Traditional incense from Nepal's Kathmandu Valley. The wood, plants or spices are enclosed in a sheet of handmade paper, which is rolled up to form a cord for burning.

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"The Incense Craft" Nepalese Incense Ropes

A range of traditional Nepalese incense rolled in a sheet of handmade "Lokta" paper.

Cedar - Cedar wood

Purification, healing, spiritual protection

Spikenard - Indian spikenard

Reduces stress and brings peace of mind

Kapoor - Camphor

Chinese camphor


For meditation and as an offering to the Gods

Desert rose

A blend of frankincense, guggul, sal and loban resins


Reduces stress and helps you fall asleep

Asta Mangalum

Extracted from the leaves of the plant, also known as Dhoop in Nepal. Burnt everywhere, in homes, stupas and temples. Particularly used by the Newar community in the Kathmandu valley.


A blend of eight plants. Relaxes and brings peace to the mind


Sandalwood is relaxing. Protection and healing.

Packs of 50 cords.

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