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Incense Ropes from Nepal


Incense cords from Nepal, produced in the Kathmandu valley mainly by the Newar community. The aromatic plants are wrapped in a handmade paper called "Lokta paper".

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Traditional Incense Ropes from Nepal

Incense ropes are very popular in Nepal, where they are produced in the Kathmandu valley, mainly by the Newar community.

The principle is very simple: mixtures of wood, resins or aromatic plants are wrapped in a sheet of Lokta paper, which is then twisted.

The ropes are burnt in exactly the same way as an incense stick, simply by lighting one end.

Juniper Dhoop Incense

A mixture of plants and juniper powder.

Sal Dhoop Incense

A mixture containing Sal resin powder (Shorea robusta) and other Himalayan plants (Deodar, Agur, Dhupi, etc.).

Packs of 50 incense cords produced in Nepal by Lakhe Dhoop Udyog.

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