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Bhutanese Incense Nado Poizokhang


Quality Bhutanese incense produced according to tradition by M. Nado in Thimphu, Bhutan. Natural incense made from wood, plants and spices. Sticks approx. 22cm long, net weight approx. 60g.

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Bhutanese Incense Nado Poizokhang


These incense sticks contain the best of all fruits, cereals, medicinal plants and milk products. Offering of these incense sticks propitiate the celestial beings and alleviate the hunger spirits around us. It is manufactured in strict compliance with tradition by Mr. Nado at Thimphu, Bhutan.



Brown box: 9.90 CHF
White box: 10.50 CHF

Grey box: 11.50 CHF

Yellow box: 12.50 CHF

Orange box: 13.00 CHF


Incense is an offering made in order to propitiate the protective deities. This incense stick has been prepared according to the formulation prescribed by Pema Karpo the great yogi of the Drukpa school of Buddhism, Minling Therchen the treasure discoverer of the Mindroling Monaster. It is a blend of about one hundred precious aromatic substances like clove, nutmeg, saffron, red and white sandalwood and other medicinal materials. This has been hand manufactured with utmost care and in strict compliance with an age old traditional method by Mr. Nado at Thimphu.


22cm long stick. Net weight approx. 60g

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