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Ambrette seeds - Aphrodisiac properties, relaxation, letting go, open-mindedness, etc.
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Ambrette Seeds

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Ambrette seeds, Abelmoschus moschatus from India. The seed of a type of hibiscus flower. Also known as "vegetable musc" for its fragrance. Net weight: 40g

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Ambrette seeds

Amber seeds has been known since the dawn of time. Its fragrance makes it a plant substitute for animal musk, the trade in which is banned. Its notes are musky, amber, warm, sensual and slightly animalic. In some countries, ambrette is consumed, found in liqueurs (like Benedictine), added to ground coffee and extracted as an essential oil.

Amber extracts are of course used in cosmetics and in a range of oriental and "chypre" fragrances such as Clair de Musc (Serge Lutens), Voyage (Hermès), N°19 or Egoïste (Chanel), La Vie est Belle (Lancôme), Désir de Femme (Rochas), etc.

For fumigation, the ambrette seed can be crushed to better diffuse its fragrance. For a love fumigation, aphrodisiac properties, relaxation, letting go, open-mindedness, etc.

Mix with patchouli, star anise, tolu balsam or any other substance of your choice.

Botanical name : Abelmoschus moschatus (Hibiscus moschatus)
Part of plant used : seeds
Origin : India
Net weight : 40 grams

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