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Sweet Grass Braid from 60 to 70 cm

Reference -1263

Sweetgrass or sweetgrass Hierochloe odorata. Burning Sweetgrass purifies and attracts favourable spirits. Available in braids of varying lengths.

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Sweetgrass Braid


Sweetgrass or Hierochloe odorata, called Sweetgrass in the United States, is most often found in braided form. In this form, it is burned simply by lighting the end of the braid and shaking or blowing on it to activate combustion.


Many indigenous tribes in North America use sweetgrass in prayer and purification ceremonies. Sweetgrass is considered a sacred plant. It is often burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony. It can be burned perfectly after a purification with California white sage. Its sweet, vanilla-like scent attracts favourable spirits and positive energy.


Country of origin: USA or Canada.
Scientific name: Hierochloe odorata
Net weight and length vary.

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