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Patchouli Leaves


Indonesian patchouli leaves, crushed or finely powdered. A characteristic, warm, earthy fragrance. For your plant blends and fumigation resins.

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Patchouli Leaves from Indonesia

Patchouli is a plant with a distinctive warm, earthy fragrance. Its distinctive scent makes it impossible to mistake it for any other plant. The leaves are harvested and then dried. The scent develops as the plant dries, but fresh leaves smell almost nothing.

For sensual incense blends, but can also be added to other types of blends. The crushed leaves are suitable for resin or herbal blends, the powder can also be used to make incense sticks or cones.

Patchouli is also an excellent natural fragrance to keep in your cupboards. Fill small cloth sachets and put them in a drawer, cupboard, car or in your pocket or handbag.

Scientific name: Pogostemon patchouli (or Pogostemon patchouli)
Part of plant used: dried leaves
Country of origin: Indonesia
Packaging: Sachets of 30g (leaves) or 40g (powder)

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