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Wooden Cobra Tripod


Cobra tripod made of wood. This tripod, carved from one piece of wood, is used to place the abalone bowls on for the smudging sessions. Measures 16 or 20 cm when folded.

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Wooden Cobra Stand

This wooden tripod called "cobra" is usually used as a stand for abalone shells used in fumigation sessions. It is made from a single piece of cylindrical wood carved into three interlocking pieces that can unfold and close. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and the result of a real skill.

Cobra holders are also often used to hold spherical objects such as minerals, crystal balls or small Tibetan singing bowls (or medinice bowls).

Black model : length when closed: approx. 16cm, total height when open: approx. 9cm.

Wooden model : closed length: approx. 20cm, total height when unfolded: approx. 12cm.

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- Review added the Friday 01 March 2024 by Sarah S
Satisfaite du produit, joli support.
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