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Pancha-Karma Tibetan Incense


Range of Pancha-Karma Tibetan incense with woods, plants and natural aromatic substances from the Himalayas. 19 sticks and a small holder. A Mandala Art & Incense product.

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Pancha-Karma Tibetan Incense range

Products made from resins, wood, aromatic plants, flower extracts and spices. These are traditional Tibetan incenses produced in Nepal.

The Pancha-Karma range includes, as its name suggests, five different products, depending on the different moments or activities of the day.

Water - A Meditation blend

Surrender your tensions to soothing and mind-purifying Himalayan & Tibetan scents. It is a wonder pf nature. We recommend you this incense to burn during meditation.

Organic blend of 55 Himalayan Herbs with more percentage of juniper berriey and Camomile.


Wind - A Healing Blend

A blend of Agar-31 with many curative properties. Inhaling the incense is beneficial for releiving stress, tension and depression. We recommend you this incense to burn during loss of concentration. It is an organic blend of 31 himalayan herbs with more percentage of Agar and Spikenard.


Fire - Good Evening Incense

Fosters clarity while dreaming with Himalayan herbs blended according to traditional (ancient) yogic tradition. Yogis, Rishis and Munis have used this incense recipe during the day break to burn during the evening to relax and sleep.
Blend of 35 Himalayan herbs with more percentage of red and white sandalwood


Blue Sky - Good Morning Incense

Ease the morning after blues with Himalayan herbs for purification, mental alertness and courage. Since time immemorial Yogis and Rishis have been using this incense recipe before the day break to get a pleasant and peaceful day.
An organic blend of 46 Himalayan herbs with more percentage of Rose and Anthopogon flower.


Earth - Good Afternoon Incense

Not available


Contents: 19 sticks 17cm long and a wooden stand. Burn time: approx. 50 minutes.

Produced in Nepal by Mandala Art & Incense

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