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Chandra Devi Tibetan Incense


Various Tibetan incenses produced in Nepal by Chandra Devi using plants, herbs, wood, spices and resins from the Himalayas. Contents: approx. 27 sticks or 55g.

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Chandra Devi Tibetan incense

These incenses are made from herbs, plants, woods, spices and resins from the Himalayan region. The recipes are all prepared according to the tradition of Tibetan Vajrayāna Buddhism (or Tantric Buddhism).

This range comprises five products whose properties and main ingredients are as follows:

Arya Tara

It is traditionally used as an offering to Arya Tara, who is Known as the mother of Liberation. Using this incense brings clarity and develop certain inner qualities and awareness.

This incense is composed of special Sandalwood and hand-picked Himalayan herbs and aromatic plants.

Mamaki Tara

This incense helps one live well in balance and harmony with mother earth.
Using this incense helps connect with nature and be in tune with nature which attracts positive vibration and gives peace of mind.

The preparation of this incense is done in auspicious days it is composed of natural herbal plants and aromatic plants found in the Himalayas.

Padmini Tara

This incense helps open blocks in the body’s energy system purifying fire element and rejuvenate the body, maintaining health and well being.
It is composed of several types of aromatic woods and Ayurvedic herbs and spices.



This incense helps purify the water element of the body and is used in Vajrayana ritual of empowering water into nectar which increase life force and youth, bringing great happiness.
In this particular incense aquatic medicinal herbs and resin which are found in the Himalayas are used.

Vajra-Dhateswari Tara

It is used for creating a consecrated space to carry out religious practices, meditation and for aura cleansing.
It contains red sandalwood and hand-picked medicinal herbs, aromatic plants and resin from the Himalayas.


Each roll contains approx. 27 sticks, net weight approx. 55 grams.

Produced in Nepal by Chandra Devi Incense

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