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Natural Aromatherapeutic Incense III

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Aromatherapy Tibetan incense with a very clear, sweet and slightly spicy aroma. It keeps the atmosphere pure, repels mosquitoes, sharpens the senses and encourages concentration.

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Tibetan Natural Aromatherapeutic Incense III


This is one of the aromatherapeutic incenses with a very clear, sweet and slightly spicy aroma. It has domestic virtues when placed on the threshold of a house, keeping the atmosphere pure and mosquitoes away. This incense is good for the nerves, especially when you're feeling fragile, sharpening the senses and encouraging concentration. It has a stimulating effect on depression. It is a non-toxic, non-addictive incense with a natural fragrance.


19 sticks, 18 cm long, weight approx. 25g, burn time approx. 60 minutes.


Produced in Nepal by Buddhist Incense Trade Center.

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