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Potala Incense, Tibetan incense with medicinal plants and aromatic substances.
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Potala Tibetan Incense


Potala Tibetan incense with medicinal and aromatic plants. An incense for ceremonies or to give a pleasant fragrance to the home. Available in 14 or 25cm sticks.

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Potala Tibetan Incense

Potala traditional Tibetan incense is handmade from precious medicinal herbs and other highly aromatic substances. Authentic, high-quality fragrances make Potala incense richer and better than most incense.

Potala incense is non-toxic and non-addictive.

Tibetan incense is generally used for offerings (puja) and purification, but it is also used to deodorise or perfume the air.

Contents of each box:

Short sticks: approximately 20 to 22 sticks 15cm long and 4cm in diameter. Net weight: approx. 35g.

Long sticks: approximately 20 to 22 sticks of 25cm in length and 4cm in diameter. Net weight: about 65g.

Tibetan incense produced in Nepal.

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