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Extra large white sage and dragon blood stick 22cm and approx. 140 grams
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White Sage and Dragon's Blood 22cm

Reference -1913

Smudge stick of Californian White Sage and Dragon's Blood, bundle of 22cm and a weight of approx. 140g. Effective and easy to use. For your cleansing and protective incenses.

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White Sage and Dragon Blood 22cm


A bundle of white sage Salvia apiana soaked in a bath of Dragon's Blood resin. Extra large stick with an average weight of 130 grams and a length of 22cm.

Dragonblood (South American Croton lechleri) is used to add power to spells, for protection and to create a meditative atmosphere.


These large white sage sticks are very easy to use, just hold them by the stem and light the opposite end. Blow on them if necessary (preferably with a fumigation feather) and then move around the room to be purified.
When you have finished fumigating, put the bundle in a bowl and let it go out. You can use it again for another session.

Large stick for purifying large rooms or entire flats.

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