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Lucky Tibetan Incense


Four Tibetan incenses with natural plants and aromatic substances harvested in the Himalayas. Each box contains around 27 sticks, each 20cm long.

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Lucky Tibetan Incense

Four incenses made from wood, aromatic or medicinal plants harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas. Natural incense for prayer, meditation or simply for pleasure.


With plants carefully harvested to protect the environment and dried in the shade to preserve their fragrance and quality.

Potala incense is traditionally used to purify the environment of negative energies. It helps to eliminate inner blockages and physical and mental disorders.

Tara Meditation Incense

This meditation incense contains natural ingredients such as white sandalwood, nutmeg, etc., which protect and purify the physical organs and energies, cleanse the chakras and channels and, above all, balance the mind and encourage spiritual development. It is particularly recommended for meditation sessions.


Tibetan Monastery Incense

Traditional incense with Himalayan plants. It also contains nutmeg and white sandalwood. It contains no synthetic substances or perfumes.
This formula has been selected by Tashi Lama and prepared according to his instructions. Use for religious and spiritual performances, and to refresh the mind during yoga and meditation practices.

Tibetan Sandalwood

Sandalwood incense, hand-prepared from 25 herbal ingredients in accordance with Tibetan scriptural texts and the instructions of Dr Pasang Yonten. It helps to balance the mind and purify the air and environment of negative energies.

Lucky Tibetan Incense" natural Tibetan incense is handcrafted in Nepal from natural ingredients.

Each box contains approximately 27 sticks of 20cm in length.

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