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Lucky Buddha Stone Stand


Hand-cut soapstone stand. These Lucky Buddha statuettes can be used as incense holders or simply as decorative objects. Choice of two sizes.

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Laughing Buddha in Soapstone


These Lucky Buddha statuettes (Budai, Laughing Buddha, etc.) are hand-carved from blocks of soapstone. This soft stone looks a bit like marble when polished or varnished, and its natural colours usually range from green to red.


A small hole was drilled in the Buddha's hand. This allows you to hold Indian incense sticks if required.


Dimensions of the figurines:


Small model: Height: approx. 5 cm, width: approx. 5 cm, net weight: approx. 160g

Large model: Height: approx. 8 cm, width: approx. 8 cm, net weight: approx. 500g


Handcrafted in Varanasi (formerly Benares), North India.

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