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Ceramic Incense Burners


Ceramic Chinese incense burners, with lid, for burning small cones or sticks of Japanese incense. Choice of three models.

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Ceramic Incense Burner with Lid

These incense burners can burn small cones or Japanese-style incense sticks of standard length (approx. 14cm).
For incense sticks, place a small support at the bottom of the censer or fill it with sand or earth so that you can stick them in. For cones too, a small layer of fine sand or earth or the small metal plate (often supplied with cones) will reduce the risk of the censer overheating.


Do not overheat these incense burners by burning charcoal pellets in them, as the excessive heat could break them.

Three models to choose from:

Item 1499: diameter: 11.5 cm, height: 7.5 cm

Item 1507: diameter: 12 cm, height: 9 cm

Item 1508: diameter: 10 cm, height: 10 cm

Made in China

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