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White Sage and Laurel Leaves - 10cm Smudje Stick
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White Sage and Laurel Smudge Stick

Reference -2050

10cm-long bundle combining white sage and laurel leaves. Purifies, strengthens self-awareness and serves as a link between dream and reality.

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Bundle of White Sage and Laurel Leaves

This bundle combines two different essential plants that you can burn at the same time.

  • White Sage leaves (Salvia apiana) with purifying (and antibacterial) properties.
  • Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis), a sacred plant used in rituals to protect and cleanse the aura. Its smoke acts as a link between dreams and reality and enhances self-awareness.

To perform a fumigation, light one end of the bundle and then move around the room or around the people or objects to be purified.

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