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Baieido Jinkoya Sakubei Japanese incense range - Sandalwood and agarwood
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Baieido Jinkoya Sakubei


The incenses in Baieido's Jinkoya Sakubei range, Sandalwood Kokonoekoh with sandalwood, Aloeswood Horyukoh and Excellent Aloeswood Kunshokoh with agarwood. 50g boxes.

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Baieido incense from the Jinkoya Sakubei range

These three products pay tribute to the two most prized woods in Japan and those used in the composition of the finest incense: sandalwood and agarwood.

The range is called Jinkoya Sakubei (Jinkōya Sakubē Series) and features three compositions typical of the Baieido brand, which has mastered this kind of blend perfectly.

  • Sandalwood Kokonoekoh (Byakudan Kokonoe Kō): Indian sandalwood, light herbal base and Badiane, Patchouli, Clove, Cassia, etc.).
  • Aloeswood Horyukoh (Jinkō Hōryu Kō): Indian Sandalwood, Aloe Wood, on a light herbal base containing Cassia, Star anise, Patchouli, Clove, etc.
  • Excellent Aloeswood Kunshokoh (Gokujyo Jinko Kunsho Ko): Indian sandalwood, Vietnamese aloeswood, on a light herbal base containing Cassia, Star anise, Patchouli, Cloves, etc.

Each box contains 50 grams.

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