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Incense Holder for Japanese Sticks

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Practical holder for burning Japanese incense up to 15cm long. One 2.5mm hole and one 4mm hole for most Japanese sticks. Made in France by "Les Encens du Monde".

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Wood and Metal Holder for Japanese Incense Sticks

This clever yet simple incense holder is particularly well-suited to Japanese incense sticks up to 15 centimetres long. The metal cylinder fits onto the wooden base and has two holes of different diameters, one about 2.5mm for standard sticks and one about 4mm for larger sticks.

If you only want to burn a small piece of stick, place it in the cylinder so that only the section you want to burn protrudes. It will extinguish itself and the rest of the stick can be used next time.

This incense-holder is produced in France, in the Jura region, for the Les Encens du Monde brand and accompanies the Well Being series of Japanese incense produced in Japan by Kunjudo.

Length of holder: 16.5cm.

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