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Kunjudo Well Being Incense


The "Incense for Well Being" (Encens de Bien-Être) series by Kunjudo for the "Encens du Monde" brand is produced using natural fragrances. For different times of the day or to suit your mood.

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Kunjudo Well Being Incense range

This series is made up of 7 fragrances. Each fragrance is designed to be burned according to the time of day or your mood or state of mind at the time. These incenses can of course be burned at any time of day.

Scents available:

  • Meditation - Jinkoh : A fragrance inspired by agarwood, noble and liberating.
  • Vitality - Mandarin : A blend of fresh citrus and ginger.
  • Freshness - Aqua : A refreshing fragrance that makes you feel like you're on the shore of an azure sea.
  • Conviviality - Green Tea : A fragrance that evokes the image of fresh, bittersweet green tea.
  • Creativity - Ylang : A seductive oriental fragrance inspired by ylang-ylang.
  • Concentration - Cedar : A fragrance inspired by dark green forests, with a deep, powerful scent.
  • Relaxation - Sandalwood : A fragrance inspired by sandalwood, with the comforting sensation of being abandoned to the waves.

Each box contains 30 sticks, 13.5cm long. Burns for around 30 minutes.


A wood and metal holder, produced in France in the Jura (Franche-Comté) completes the series. This holder can be used for all types of Japanese sticks up to 15cm long.

Range produced in Japan by Kunjudo from natural sustances for the French brand "Les Encens du Monde".

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