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VijayShree Golden Nag incense


Vijayshree Fragrance's "Golden Series" is the best-known range from this Bangalore-based company, which has been producing incense for some thirty years.

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VijayShree Golden Series incense

A range of masala incense in a variety of fragrances created by a Bangalore-based company, Vijayshree Fragrance, which has been producing incense for 'only' thirty years.
Golden Nag incense has established itself as a must-have.

Available fragrances:

  • Golden Buddha
  • Golden Hit
  • Golden Nag Benzoin
  • Golden Nag Cinnamon
  • Golden Nag Olibanum (Frankincense)
  • Golden Nag Reiki Energy
  • Golden Nag Vanilla
  • Golden Nag Champa
  • Golden Nag Chandan (Sandalwood)
  • Golden Nag Patchouli
  • Golden Nag Palo Santo
  • Golden Nag White Sage
  • Golden Nag Temple
  • Golden Nag Seven Chakra
  • Golden Nag Lavender
  • Golden Nag Red Rose
  • Golden Nag Meditation
  • Golden Nag Mantra
  • Golden Nag Darshan
  • Golden Nag Amazon Resin
  • Golden Nag 7 Herbs

Each box contains 15g or approximately 12 sticks.

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