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Tennendo Renzan, Japanese incense with sandalwood, Aloeswood, spices and medicinal herbs
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Tennendo Renzan Japanese Incense

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Renzan incense from Tennendo is a traditional Japanese blend made from sandalwood and agarwood, with Chinese medicinal herbs, cinnamon, cloves and other spices.

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Tennendo Renzan Traditional Japanese Incense

Incense sticks with agarwood and sandalwood, with Chinese medicinal herbs, cinnamon, cloves and other natural aromatic ingredients.

A deep, familiar fragrance that combines agarwood and Chinese medicine. This is a product for lovers of traditional Japanese incense. If you like Baieido's Kai Un Koh or Tokusen Kobunbokou, then this one will certainly appeal to you too.

As with most Japanese manufacturers, the packaging is particularly meticulous. The inner paper is a reproduction of an ancient document found in Nara, in a historic building called Shōsō-in. The original is made of handmade Japanese Washi paper that dates back several centuries.

Each box contains approximately 165g, or about 450 sticks 14cm long.

Produced in Southern Japan by Tennendo. Co., Ltd

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