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Baieido Kai Un Koh


Kai Un Koh, or Baieido's lucky incense, is easily recognisable by its square sticks and spicy fragrance. It is available in 37g boxes, with long or extra-long sticks.

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Kai Un Koh by Baieido

This incense is certainly one of Baieido's best products. Its square sticks, which are larger than average, produce a more intense fragrance than the small, thin sticks. It has a spicy fragrance and contains sandalwood, Vietnamese aloe wood, borneol, cloves and Chinese spices.

This is clearly a top-quality incense that represents particularly good value for money. Kai Un Koh means 'incense for good luck'...

Kai Un Koh is available in 37g boxes of short, square sticks, 75g boxes of long (24.5cm), square sticks or large-diameter, extra-long round sticks (34cm called Kai Un Daikunkoh).

Produced by Baieido in Osaka, Japan.

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