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Kyukyodo Umegaka and Ryuhinkou Incense


Traditional Umegaka and Ryuhinkou Japanese incense produced by Kyukyodo, a company founded in 1663 that makes incense as well as high-quality stationery.

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Kyukyodo Umegaka and Ryuhinkou Japanese Incense

Kyukyodo is a very old company, over 300 years old (1663). It produces high-quality stationery, inks, brushes for calligraphy, etc., but Kyukyodo is also and above all one of Japan's most famous incense producers.

These incenses are the result of a long tradition of tadition and know-how, with some recipes dating back over 900 years.

Umegaka and Ryuhinkou are two traditional incenses made with sandalwood, agarwood and Chinese medicinal plants.

Box contents: 1 roll of approx. 60-70 sticks, 16.5cm long and very fine in diameter. Net weight: approx. 20g.

Burning time: approx. 35-40 minutes.

Produced in Kyoto, Japan, by Kyukyodo.

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