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Kunmeido Reiryokoh Incense


Reiryokoh is Kunmeido's flagship product. A typical traditional Japanese incense with a blend of plants and spices on a sandalwood base.

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Kunmeido Reiryokoh Japanese Incense

This is a traditional Japanese incense, a blend of plants and spices on a base of Indian sandalwood. It contains patchouli, borneol, turmeric (which probably gives it its mustard-yellow colour), fenugreek (which seems to be the origin of its name), cumin, fennel, etc.

Note that this incense should appeal to fans of Korean incense, particularly those containing inula or similar plants, which are not very common in Japanese incense.


It is a popular incense burnt in famous temples, such as Eihei-ji, a centre of Zen Buddhism.

In short, Reiryokoh (or Reiryo Koh) is to Kunmeido what Kobunbokou is to Baieido. It's a blend of Chinese herbs and spices.

Boxes of 25 or 80 grams, 13.5cm-long sticks.

Produced in Japan, in Sakai City, Osaka, by Kunmeido.

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