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Daihatsu Poketan-7 Japanese Incense

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Daihatsu Poketan7 contains 20 sticks of each of the seven fragrances in the Pocket-Aroma and Pocket-Tanka ranges. These scented incenses have long been very popular in Japan.

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Daihatsu Poketan 7 Japanese Incense

The Pocket-Aroma and Pocket-Tanka ranges from Daihatsu are well-known products in Japan. They are short (8cm), fragrant sticks with a sandalwood base. They are easily recognisable by their packaging, in boxes that resemble small cigarette packets, with an identical opening system. They're practical and easy to take everywhere.

The Poketan7 box contains the seven fragrances in these two ranges:

Violet, plum and tokusen (Excellent Tanka) from the Pocket Tanka range

Lavender, hinoki (Japanese cypress), rose and lilac from the Pocket Aroma range.

Each box contains 140 sticks (7 x 20) 8cm long and a ceramic holder.

Produced by Daihatsu in Japan, on the island of Awaji.

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