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Nippon Kodo Tokyo Incense Oedo-Koh


Incense from the Oedo-Koh range from Nippon Kodo, which refers to the period in history when Tokyo (Edo) was the capital. Several fragrances available. Box of 60 sticks and a holder.

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Nippon Kodo Oedo-Koh incense

This range of incense from Nippon Kodo refers to the period in Japanese history known as Edo. At that time, the capital was Edo (now Tokyo). Each fragrance in this range evokes different situations from everyday life during this period.

Peony Tree

The love potion of the geisha quarter. The sweet scent of the peony is extraordinarily charming and was very popular in Edo. Its distinctive shape is reminiscent of a beautiful geisha, and when you look at a peony flower, you can imagine the music and dancing of the geisha quarter. It was an exclusive world, reserved for a privileged clientele. It is said that the time spent by customers in the teahouses was measured by incense sticks.
The scent of the peony, the 'queen of flowers', evokes this magnificent, evanescent world.

Code Nippon Kodo: #38202


Water Drop

The hustle and bustle of the bath house, where neighbours laugh and splash together. A warm and friendly fragrance for the end of the bath.
Private baths did not exist in the Edo period, which is why public baths were built. The first steam baths were replaced by large bathtubs. These baths were egalitarian places, as customers were undressed and rubbed shoulders with each other regardless of age, sex or even rank.
Water Drop incense has a floral fragrance reminiscent of a lotion used in those days as soon as you got out of the bath.

Nippon Kodo code: #38206

Oedo-Koh incense is packaged in beautiful paulownia wood boxes. Each box contains 60 sticks 6cm long and a small metal holder. Burning time: approximately 12 minutes.

Produced in Japan by Nippon Kodo

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