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Nippon Kodo Eiju Spicy Sandalwood


Japanese incense from Nippon Kodo with spicy sandalwood. With notes of cinnamon and spices. Available in short sticks of 14cm or long sticks of 25cm.

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Eiju Spicy Sandalwood Japanese Incense

Nippon Kodo incense with sandalwood and various types of fragrant raw materials used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Enjoy a mellow sweetness with a hint of deep, refreshing bitterness. For longer moments of deep thought and inspiration. For deep meditation, relaxation, deep thought and inspiration.

This sandalwood Japanese incense is available in boxes of 260 short 14cm sticks (manufacturer code: #22051) or boxes of approximately 120 long 25cm sticks (manufacturer code: #22053).

Produced in Japan by Nippon Kodo.

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